Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Six months back, and living the dream.

So, as you can guess by the absence of writing on this blog, I've been busy. It's now six months and two weeks since I've returned to Australia, and last week saw the final day of a role that I've been working in for the last six months:

As I mentioned, it's been an odd feeling working in the Camberwell Library. During high school, I was heavily involved in house music competitions, which could be described as a cross between Glee sectionals and the tri-wizard cup. My specialty was making a capella arrangements of pop tunes, somewhat resembling the Dalton Warblers. And we'd perform on the stage in the Civic Centre. The stage, which, strangely enough, is where the library's reference desk is now. Similarly, I recently organised an event in the Parkview Room for the Boroondara Literary Awards. The last time I was in that room, it was the Camberwell Theatre, and I was on the stage as the Pirate King. How times have changed.

I'm definitely feeling the wanderlust again, so it's somewhat fortunate that my work commitments have eased, and I've made plans to travel for a month in south-east asia in March - most because it's close, I haven't been to Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia before, and it's all that I can afford at this stage. My newfound extra time has also afforded me with opportunities to go to a week-long dance camp in Adelaide in January, and also perform a show at the Adelaide Fringe in February.

So, yes, I can honestly I'm living the dream at the moment - even if it's only for the next three months - devoting time to writing, performing, dancing, and travelling. It feels good.