Thursday, May 5, 2011

...but enough navel-gazing!


Okay, fair point. You'll hear no more emo blathering for the moment; there's work to be done!

Ten things I need to do in the next four months.

10. Work. A lot. Save money. It will very likely come in handy.

9. Cease and desist from acquiring any further possessions. This means clothes, accessories, and especially books.

8. Start learning the Japanese language. I've already started using Mango Languages via a local public library's website, and it's quite good.

7. Start throwing things out that I absolutely don't need. That means magazines, posters, clothes with holes in them, and other various random crap that I have all over my room.

6. Read as many of my books as I can. They weigh too much to have all of them sent over.

5. Practise packing. This will give me a sense of how much I can fit into my bags, and how much stuff I'm going to have left over to sell / throw out / donate to charity.

4. Take the time to enjoy the things I love most about Melbourne and Australia. Go to the Melbourne Film Festival in August. Visit a few dance exchanges (there's one in Hobart and in Canberra in July and August). Attend some literary events.

3. Sell all my worldly possessions that I'm not taking to Japan. Of course, there'll be various books ephemera of personal value, which I'll put into storage, but it'll be minimal.

2. Donate everything I can't sell to charity. (Unless they don't want it, but considering that pretty much all my furniture is just over two years old, that's unlikely).

1. Send one box of stuff to Japan just before I leave. Everything that I will probably need, but won't fit in my luggage.

Sounds like a plan! What did I miss?