Monday, July 16, 2012

Two months in...

Well, it's been two months since I touched down onto Australian soil. I thought it was time I made another video. So, this is my average morning routine, travelling to work.

Every morning, between stepping off the train at Glenferrie Station, and arriving at work, I walk past two travel agents, and every time I am distracted by the images and latest deals in the window. I wonder when I'll next be travelling overseas. As tempting as it is to make plans to take off again in December, once my current commitments are over, I also feel like I'm starting to get some momentum again, career-wise. In my current work, there are definitely moments where I feel like I am making some headway toward where I want to be, and, honestly, it's refreshing. It's here, in Melbourne, where those opportunities will grow, and as much as I'd like to travel more, and see more of the world, I'd rather take some time to build myself as a professional, so that I have something to offer to that world further down the track.

Or I could go overseas in December anyway. It's a crappy time to be job-hunting. ;)